Quilt Show 2017
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vendor couple

Vendor couple setting up. Everybody works.
Vendors setting up

More vendors setting up their booth.
Quilt at a vendor

A quilt at one of the vendor's booths.
Setting up information at the front

Setting up information at the front door.
Front door information

Information at the front door about the show and the Helena Quilters Guild.
Bobi Harris and some vendors

Bobi Harris talks to some vendors
More vendor quilts

More vendor quilts.
the work crew at lunch

The work crew at lunch.
Work crew at lunch

All the work crew had lunch.
Room full of quilts

Its a large room and full of beautiful quilts.
Vendor Quilt

A beautiful quilt from a vendor.
Another vendor quilt

A very nice sunflower quilt from one of the vendors.
Prickely Pear vendor

The nice sunflower quilt belongs to the Prickly Pear Quilts.
Front desk

The front desk area with the raffle quilt hanging behind.
Fun wth Bonnie

Fun with Bonnie, more good ideas for quilts.

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