Quilt Show 2017
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Sunbonnet Sue

#233 Sunbonnet Sue

LaDonna Fabian, quilter

This was made by my husband's grandmother.
many small quilts

Many small quilts on display.

#804 Teacups

Leona Harris
Sir Frosty 602

#602 Sir Frosty by Leslie McNeil

Sue Wheeler

This quilt was adapted from the original pattern using snowflakes instead of flowers. Embellishments were added to complete the quilt.

#520 Orca original design Andrea Atwood

Andrea Atwood

I have loved orcas since I was nine when I was kissed by one at the Seattle Aquarium.
Evening Fairies

#526 Evening Fairies original design by Andrea Atwood

Andrea Atwood

I liked the panel and enjoyed quilting and embellishing it for dimension. Then I designed a a crazy quilted border to accent the piece.
Cut the gread divide ski area 532

#532 Cut the Great Divide Ski area by Trails

Doug Forsstrom Gillespie

As a thank you to Nyla and Kevin Taylor for all they do for the Helena community regarding skiing, rentals, lessons, ski teams, fun rodeos events, hosting national ski patrol, I made this as my personal thank you to them.
Winter Wildlife Trio 515

#515 Winter Wildlife Trio original design by Andrea Atwood

Andrea Atwood

I liked the wildlife panels and designed some borders to accent the piece.
Green Dragon Flies 514

#514 Green Dragon Flies original design by Andrea Atwood

Andrea Atwood

This part of my exploration of semitransparent fabrics and dragon flies.
Crazy Lady Golfers 424

#424 Crazy Lady Golfers

Jill Larson

I found this panel of lady golfers at a quilt show in Boulder and I've been wanting to make a quilt for a very special lady, so since she golfs, I thought this would be a good replacement for the quilt pictures that turned into my mishap set of table runners and place mats and pictures.
Butterfly Stampede 449

#449 Butterfly Stampede cross stitch kit

Marian A Collins

I love cross stitch and butterflies so this is the best way to have a butterfly collection.
Himalayan Pink

#423 Himalayan Pink by Madison Designs

Irene Wilson

This quilts was done from scraps and a panel was used.
Statute of Liberty 604

#604 Statue of Liberty original design by Andrea Atwood

Andrea Atwood

As a naturalized citizen, I was asked to give a speech at the capitol building for the anniversary of the Constitution. I decided to create a commemorative quilt for the occasion as well.

Sunflower Fracture 522

#522 Sunflower Fracture fabulous fractures by Brenda Esslinger

Sue Wheeler

This sunflower fractured quilt is made up of 4 panels put together to create 1 quilt.

#516 Unknown name

Patricia Dawes

Madeline Engelking made this quilt and gave it to me as a special gift.
sunflower pinwheel 602

#607 Bear Tracks

Dean Hall

I have a cabin near Benchmark Canyon near Augusta. Last August, 2016, I was on the trail to Double Falls and realized I was following bear tracks!
Stars 531

#531 Stars

Cheri Bergeron
4th of July Stars 529

#529 4th of July Stars

Marlee Iverson-Pryor

The was a fun puzzle to put together. It was also one of my first attempts at this pattern for the long arm quilting.
Tea Time 805

#805 Tea Time by Chloe Anderson and Colleen

Glynis Scott

A small quilt for the theme of this quilt show. I used the trees to designate the woods of Montana. I am definitely a tea drinker since I am half English by birth (my mother was English).
Star Struck 518

#518 Star Struck by Bonnie Hunter

Bobbi Bridgeman

I took Bonnie Hunter's class in Bozeman last July. I made all the units smaller and them in a rainbow order to create a little wall hanging.
Mishap set 707

#707 Mishap Set

Jill Larson

A friend send winter pictures via email. I made cloth copies to make a quilt but forgot to set the color with the iron so when I put the pictures in a water bath the color ran. Not wanting to waste my work I found another use for my washed out pictures.
Friends of the sea cover 706

#706 Friends of the Sea 3D Book Embroidery on line pattern of OESD

Andrea Atwood

I embroidered this book with bright colors that are 3 dimensional with the glasses in the back pouch and assembled it for my two year old grandson.
Friends of the Sea pages 1 2

Friends of the sea pages 3 4

Friends of the sea pages 5 6

Friends of the sea pages 7  8

Friends of the sea pages 9 10

Hungry for Halibut 703

#703 Hungry for Halibut by Lisa Moore

LaDonna Fabian

Die cut fish were a gift from my son who lives in Alaska.
T Shirt Quilt

#205 T-Shirt Quilts Made Easy by Delenon

Kim Norman

I made this quilt for myself using a portion of the breast cancer survivor t-shirts I have collected over the last 20 years as a breast cancer survivor.

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