Quilt Show 2017
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Octopus Garden 605

Spinning Rose Trophy

#605 Octopus Garden original design by Andrea Atwood

Andrea Atwood

I fell in love with scuba diving when I did my first dive off the Hawaiian coast and our team encountered an octopus. I was amazed to find out how very textual, flexible and intelligent an octopus could be. I hope to have shown these features in this quilt.
Wonky Star 450

Spinning Rose Trophy

#450 Wonky Star

Gus Swant
Fancy Forest 222

Spinning Rose Trophy

#222 Fancy Forest by Elizabeth Hartman

Kathy Grant

This quilt was made to celebrate the arrival of my new grandson. He was born into a family of animal lovers.
Misc quilt 710

Spinning Rose Trophy

#710 Misc Quilt

Gus Swant

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