Quilt Show 2017
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2017 Large Quilts
American Rose

#321 American Rose, pattern by
Marie Webster 1909 pattern

Bobi Harris, quilter

Marie Webster entered her quilt to the Ladies Home Journal in 1909. It was such a hit, she became famous for her applique designs and she is now in the Quilter's Hall of Fame, which is headquartered in her old house in Maryland.
The maze

#346 Image from internet and blocks from Celtic Quilts Designs by Philomena Wiechec

My grandson sent me a picture of a maze from the internet and said he loved it. I found out later he sent it as a joke; he thought I would say "NO WAY". It was a job but I got it done. I added Celtic symbols in the border and designed 2 of the blocks based on his tattoo. I'll be giving this to my grandson for his college graduation.
Barcelone Nights

#304 Barcelona Nights by Susie@baticktextikes

Sue Wheeler, quilter

This was a block of the month quilt through Four Winds Quilting, Billings, Montana. All different quilting techniques were used from paper piecing, applique, regular piecing.
Elliston Star

#328 Elliston Star inspired by Bright Star by Paula White

Jenine Johnson, quilter

Made for a longtime friend to replace the worn and faded quilt I had given twenty years ago. We looked to internet images for inspiration and found Paula White's "Bright Star", which hangs in a museum at Michigan State University.

#226 Cartwheel, pattern by Joyce Cambron

Juanita Paddon

This quilt is the product of a fun class taught by Joyce. We had a great time and she enjoyed us Helena quilters.
number 306


Karen Sedlock, quilter

Purchased Walleye fabric in Glasgow. Had been looking for Walleye fabric for 2-3 years. Finally found it. Since then I have found several other designs and sources for Walleye fabric.
Glacier Star

#324 Glacier Star

Judy Meimer, quilter

A paper piecing quilt engineered by Judy and Brad Neimeyer. This was a quilt class by Diane Simkiers with a very intense piecing. Thought has to be present for the designation of colors highlighted in this pattern. Overwhelmed by the quilting done by Cheryl Liedle.
Festival of stars

#307 Festival of Stars by Pine Tree Country Quilts

Glynnis Scott, quilter

A block of the month quilt with the background and gray/block dots available to buy. The rest of the colors was our choice. It was interesting to see everyone's choices for their colors.
dublin dublin

#206 Dublin Dublin, pattern by Villa Rosa Designs

Jill Larson, quilter

The background green was a gift and when I saw this pattern, I thought it would be a good opportunity to use up some scraps. It will be a quilt for comfort.

#230 Variation of Kaleidoscope of a number of free internet designs

Kris Darrah, quilter
spring designs

#311 Spring Lovely, pattern by Jen Kingswell Designs

Lou Moore

This is 100% scrape from from my stash, no new fabrics were purchased. Many blocks constructed in the block of the month led by Julie Dess at the Sewing Palace with orphan blocks added to the mix.
Bali Star Point 325

#325 Bali Star Point, pattern by Judi Neimeyer

Lou Moore

Quilt made for our home as part of a 2014-2015 block of the month group let by Julie Doss at the Sewing Palace.
Vintage Quilt Revival 221

#221 Vintage Quilt Revival

Vicki McGowan

My younger sister suggested that she, her granddaughter, and I take a quilting class. This block of the month quilt was offered, so we thought we would try it. After the class/demo each month, the three of us went to my sister's house and made our blocks. It was a special bonding and social time for us. I have made other quilts but this was my first pieced quilt.
Monarch Madness 228

#228 Monarch Madness, pattern by Maxine Rosenthal

Ladonna Fabian
Revised Irish Chain 339

#339 Revised Irish Chain in 1930 Reproductions

Sue Kissinger

I love the 19030 reproduction fabrics. They are so bright and cheerful. I revised the pattern by 'outlining' the chain with solid blue squares.
Oriental Fajita maze 338

#338 Oriental Fajita Maze (McCall's quilting March/April 2013 by Susan Guztman)

Sue Kissinger

Having built up a small stash of oriental fabrics over the years, I immediately thought of using them when I saw this pattern in a quilt magazine. It was a fun and easy pattern.
Fons and Porter Window

#342 Fons and Porter Window

Becky Hornby
Four Patch posy 340

#340 Four Patch Posy by H. D. Designs

Sue Kissinger

I love this pattern as it is so easy to sew and so much fun playing with the different possibilities of each block.
Crazy Quilt 340

#340 Crazy Quilt Black Velvet

Bev Roope

Handed down through my family. Made by Louisa Gilherson (1816-1888), my third great grandmother.
One block wonder 215

#215 One Block Wonder by Rosenthel

Juanita Paddon (standing in front of her quilt. You can't trust anyone with a camera these days.)

Made for granddaughter's 16th birthday. Lauren Anne Paddon is the only girl out of six grands. She's tall like me and has my blonde German's family coloring.
Forever Butterlies 218

#218 Forever Butterflies

Becky Hornby
All the Way Around

#213 All the Way Around 4+6 Designs

Cindy Steinmetz
Peppermint Twist 211

#211 Peppermint Twist McCall's Quilting

Janet Erickson

My daughter requested a red and white quilt and this is what I have created for her December 26th birthday.
Woven Gov

#201 Woven Gov

Becky Hornby

This was made for my friends Carol and David Bock in honor of their son (deceased)

Kevin D Bock, United States Air Force.
Square Dance 208

#208 Square Dance

Janet Cervelli

I am a scrap quilter. I have lots of scraps. I saw this project and decided to try it. Quite a project.
Elephant Abstration 217

#217 Elephant Abstraction by Violet Craft

LaDonna Fabian

Made as a fundraiser for International Evangelism Outreach Center in Tanzania. Auctioned for $1000.
bargello quilt 530

#530 Bagello Quilts book by Marge Edie

Jill Larson

I love bargello and since I have away my first one, I've always wanted to make another. When I bought this book by M. Edie I was intrigued. Here patterns were a step beyond traditional bargello. Of course, the one I wanted to make was not one of the patterns in the book, so this is my variation

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