October, 2016

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NEXT MEETING: Thursday, November 10, 2016

**Meeting location for November and December will be downstairs in the Fellowship Hall**

Helena Quilters Guild meetings and events, unless otherwise stated, are held at the Life Covenant Church at 800 North Hoback. Entry is through the front door of the church. Guild meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the upstairs Sunday school area. Seamers and Dreamers is an open cluster that meets upstairs at the Life Covenant Church on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 10:30 to 4:00. Everyone is invited to attend. Work on your own projects, be they hand or machine projects or use Guild material to work on “Quilts for Comfort”.
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Officers 2016-2017
President – Theresa Jackson Vice President – Bobi Harris
Treasurer – Daysee Swant Secretary – Kerri Myles
Librarian – Carolyn Meier Newsletter – Loreen Smith
Hospitality – Diane Haun Quilts for Comfort – Jill Larson
Programs – Bobi Harris 2017 Quilt Show Chairs: Theresa Jackson and Daysee Swant

Please note, we still need one or two volunteers 2018 National Teacher (National Teacher can be a single chair person or co-chaired by two people. This position is a two year commitment).

Minutes from the October Meeting

The October Meeting was called to order by President Theresa Jackson. Guests were introduced and greeted.

Announcements: Historian position filled, further discussion later in meeting. Still need a volunteer for National Teacher 2018.

Reminder for quilt shows in Oct in Spokane, Livingston and Boulder.

Bobbi Harris called for volunteers to make gowns for deceased infants. Donation of trims and ribbons is needed also.

Sun Shiners Quilt til you Wilt next sew date is Nov 11, 12 and 13th. Location is at MCDD Conference Center at 2712 Billings Ave behind Walmart. Non Guild members are welcome also. Susan Douglas is the contact.

Program: Bobbi Harris, Diane Haun, Kerri Myles and LaDona Fabian demonstrated techniques learned from at the Bonnie Hunter Workshop in July.

November program will be Ann Danzer dyeing fabric with “garbage”

Exchange and Challenges:

Double Wrench Block Exchange will continue thru December

Cutting up the Chicken will have first exchange in Nov. Jean Sautter volunteered to chair this UFO Challenge is on going. Registration ends in Nov.

T-Time in the Rockies-Quilts for 2017 quilt show that represent what T-Time means to you.

Show and Tell: Lots of great projects were shown.

Old Business: Corrections to Sept Minutes-add Cindy Stenmetz and Lorena James to Retreat co chairs. There will be 3 catered dinners at retreat. Lunch is on your own. Hotel has continental breakfast. If you have dietary concerns let Diane Haun know.

Motion to approve Sept minutes as corrected made by Jean S. second Glynis S. Motion approved. Motion to approve Sept Treasurer Report made by Janet C. Second by Diane. Motion approved.

Lost quilt frame has been found and is in storage.

Carolyn Meier has volunteered to fill Historian position. Motion to accept made by Jean S. second Janet C. Motion approved.

New Business: Looking for volunteers to organized December Christmas party. Contact Theresa. 50/50 won by: ??

Name Tag prize won by: Diane Haun

Meeting Adjourned.

Guild Christmas Party in December

We need a couple of members to organize the Christmas Potluck on December 8. Please let Theresa know if you will do this.
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Block Exchange

Last year’s Double Wrench Block Exchange will continue until this December. Please plan to bring your blocks to upcoming meetings. If there is enough interest, a new exchange may begin after the first of the year.

cutting up the chicken

Cuttin’ Up the Chicken

Cuttin’ Up the Chicken quilts are great fun for quilters who want to challenge their design work, color choices, creativity, and courage. Chickens are strongly discouraged from participating. The success of the quilt depends on a few factors:

part of chicken block following the defined rules
part of chicken block willingness to do one's best
part of chicken blockaccepting the final quilt owner's decision about the finishing of the top.

A Cuttin’ Up the Chicken group will consist of 6 quilters. Each member of the group is to bring a fat quarter that has been cut and an insert put into it (per the instruction below). The fat quarter and insert are the colors, fabric and design of his/her choice. The quilt top belongs to the person who makes the first cut and insert in the fat quarter (you get your own back).

Put your quilt into a box or bag with any fabrics that you may like to see included in the quilt. The person adding the next insert may use supplied fabric or add (good quality) fabrics of his/her choice when adding to the quilt. If you wish, you may include a label for each quilter to sign, a disposable flash camera if you want a record of each step in the creation of your top, and/or a small "quilt journal" for pieces of fabric, making sketches, or keeping notes about the work on the project. Leave spaces for the pictures if a camera is included. Each quilt will be passed to another member of the group each month at guild meeting until all members of the group have added to each of the six quilts. At the end of the exchange, the quilt tops go back to the owner for finishing.

Each month, the quilt must be cut through from one side to the opposite side and a piece inserted. The cut may be straight, angled, curved, or zigzagged. The piece that is inserted in the cut may be appliquéd, pieced, embroidered and/or embellished. Inserts should be between 3 inches and 6 inches wide. I have found that it helps to hang the quilt where I can see it for a few days and let it tell me what would be fun to add to it (yes they do talk!) This is a good time to try new techniques or maybe use up some of those leftover blocks and pieces from other quilts where appropriate. Pieced border patterns work great too. Do NOT square up the quilt after each insert. The finished quilts are not to exceed 56 inches on the longest side so be careful to leave enough inches for the last insert!

Each person has one month in which to cut and add an insert to the quilt. The more inserts that have been made, the more courage and creativity it takes to cut into someone else’s work! We all agree to accept that each person will do his/her best. In other words, don't criticize the work. The quilt owner has the option to add more embellishments, inserts and borders but the 56 inch rule for the finished quilt still applies. If the piece doesn't lie flat, the quilt owner may take it apart and fix it to his/her liking. Since the quilt belongs to the owner, accept his or her decision about what to do with the quilt top.

Have fun and cut some chickens! Diana

UFQ – Unfinished Quilt Challenge – Challenger: Theresa J.

Visit the Exchange and Challenge table at the October meeting more info. Look around your sewing room – do you have any unfinished quilts?

Was the unfinished quilt started before January of 2015?

If yes, then the Challenge:

o Bring one fat quarter for each UFQ –
o Finish the quilt and bring it to show and tell between October 2016 and May 2017

At the May Potluck each finished UFQ will be eligible for the drawing for all of the fat quarters. (If there are enough entries, we will have two drawings)

Registration for this challenge will be open during the September to November meeting and then closed.

Hospitality Greeters and Treaters Greeters Treats November Janet Cerovski Sue Kissinger Aimee Estell Karen Sedlock

Reminder about Your Membership Dues…

Thanks for being a member of the Helena Quilters’ Guild! Annual dues are $20 and may be paid by check to Helena Quilters’ Guild, P. O. Box 429, Helena, Montana 59624 or at the guild meeting.

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Hospitality Greeters and Treaters

Greeters Treats
Janet Cerovski Sue Kissinger
Aimee Estell Karen Sedlock

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Newsletter Editor: Loreen Smith (ljsmith@mt.net)

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