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The Newsletter of the Helena Quilters Guild

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Helena Quilters Guild meetings and events, unless otherwise stated, are held at the Life Covenant Church at 800 North Hoback. Entry is through the front door of the church. Guild meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the upstairs Sunday school area.

Seamers and Dreamers is an open cluster that meets upstairs at the Life Covenant Church on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 10:30 to 4:00. Everyone is invited to attend. Work on your own projects, be they hand or machine projects or use Guild material to work on “Quilts for Comfort”.


Bonnie and Ian are doing the May potluck. The Fellowship Hall is reserved for the May Potluck, so the meeting will be downstairs at the church. Ian needs help with setup at 5:00 p.m. with dinner being served at 6:00 p.m. We will also need help with clean up. For the Potluck, last names starting with:
    A-G bring Salads;    H-N bring a hot dish and    O-Z bring desserts.

If your last name initial doesn’t fall within the range for the dish you want to bring – bring it anyway and call it good!)


Daysee Swant, Chair of the Stampede Quilt Show, will do a short presentation about this July's show and answer questions during the May guild business meeting.


I would like to remind members to bring fat quarters that no longer fit your stash and/or you no longer think you will use, to the May meeting. We plan, again, to include a Fat Quarter Basket as part of our drawings at the Quilt Show.


Time to make a President's Block. President Char would like a 6" block with a dog theme. Use your creative juices to design her a special block. And be sure to sign it!! Please bring it to the May potluck. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Many thanks... - Janet

  • Potluck Dish
  • Name Tag
  • Brown Bag Quilt to show
  • Crayon Quilt to show
  • Scrappy Saturday Projects to show
  • Quilts for Comfort to show and donate
  • Presidents Block Gift
  • Quilt Registration for Quilt Show
  • Fat Quarter(s) for Quilt Show Raffle to donate
  • Stuffed Cat Pillowcases to donate
  • Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) Quilt and Registration Form
-Diane Haun


Give a man a shirt...
and clothe him for a day.
Teach a man to sew....
And all his friends will laugh at him! (Unless you are our dear sweet Ian!)


No meeting in May - Kerri Myles


It is great to see that some of you are starting to use this newsletter to share, communicate, request help, exchange ideas and enhance your guild! Thank you! Now for those of you who are sitting on your “quilts” and just enjoying, lets get on the ball and be supportive and send me at least one (1) tidbit of information, hint, or joke. Call me at 443-4907 and tell me the information and I would be glad to write the article for you, or e-mail -Andrea Atwood


I just can't believe that summer will soon be upon us. The May Party and our Quilt Show will be memories!!!! Oh time does fly!!

We had a great time in Great Falls. We even asked Patty to put together a fall retreat. She did ask for a raise and we voted her a 25% raise - for a job well done!!! Unfortunately, 25% of nothing is..... nothing!!! But we all agreed she did such a fine job every year, we ought to have two next season!!! I think lots of UFP's got done and a few new things too!! It was a good time. We do have some great news to share with everyone!!! You just have to come to the meeting to find out!!!

Next week, we will have our Annual May Party. I sure hope to see everyone there. If you can't stay, just stop by and say hello! I know there were lots of Quilts for Comfort being finished.

Then we have our Quilt Show. I am vacillating between being absolutely charged up, to being worried about registration (my duty) going smoothly. We still need help and will be passing around volunteer sheets at the May meeting. The Quilt Show pins are really nice. Susan Douglas did a super job!!! We will have last minute Quilt Show details to talk about and we have some Bonnie Hunter news !!!

Well, it's been a great year. I want to thank all of you for your support. It's been fun and rewarding for me. You are a great bunch of ladies and Ian is great too!!! See you later in the month. -Char Maharg

HELENA 2013 QUILT SHOW MAY 18TH & 19TH 2013.

Thank you everyone for all the work you’ve done getting ready for the quilt show! The next few weeks will be busy for everyone as we are in the final stages of preparation. Just a few reminders:

We still need volunteers to work admissions and the raffle ticket sales during the show. Below is a list of members and the times they have signed up to work.
Thanks, Diane Haun

Admissions & Raffle Ticket Sales

Saturday, May 18 Admissions Ticket Sales
10:00-11:00 Dean Hall
11:00-12:00 Marie Haywood Patti Hoksbergen
12:00-1:00 Dona Bagan
1:00-2:00 Jill Larson Janet Cerovski
2:00-3:00 Sandy Lehman Juanita Padden

Sunday, May 19 Admissions Ticket Sales
10:00-11:00 Dean Hall
11:00-12:00 Marie Haywood
12:00-1:00 Paula Blessinger
1:00-2:00 Sue Kissinger
2:00-3:00 Mary Lynn Ramsey

Saturday, May 18 Security
10:00-11:00 Irene Kominos
11:00-12:00 Bea Vogel
12:00-1:00 Janet Cerovski
1:00-2:00 Marie Haywood

Sunday, May 19
10:00-11:00 Bea Vogel
1:00-2:00 Marie Haywood
2:00-3:00 Jill Larson


Cheryl York of Creative Stitches has the raffle tickets for the Stars of the Big Sky Show raffle quilt in her store plus fliers and posters. The raffle ticket booklets were available at the April Guild meeting. Susan Douglass has assembled large envelopes with pictures of the raffle quilt pasted on them to help Guild members keep track of the raffle tickets and that large, colored picture will surely help sell the tickets. The raffle ticket booklets are smaller this year - there are six tickets to a book. Diane and Rene Simkins did a wonderful job on the raffle quilt. Thank you. The raffle tickets will also be available during the May meeting. -Juanita Padden


If you would like to sell your quilt related items at the Quilt Show, you need to sign up for an account. Please contact Kerri at 227-0644 or to get one. Start cleaning those quilt room drawers now and make some $ to buy some more quilt stuff. If you have any questions or to sign up for a Boutique account contacts are Kerri Myles ( or 439-2165) and Bryl Newman( as we are the Boutique Co-Chairs. -Kerri Myles


Bring your Brown Bag Challenges for show and tell at the May meeting. -Diane Haun


More help is needed to close down Boutique at 4 on Sunday. Please volunteer if you can.

Saturday May 18th

10:00 to 12:00 12:00 to 2:00 2:00 to 5:00
Erika Regensburger Sue Kissinger Jill Larson
Carolyn Meier Loretta Thomason Marie Haywood
Bryl Newman Kerri Myles Kerri Myles

Sunday May 19th

10:00 to 12:00 12:00 to 2:00 2:00 to 4:00
Juanita PaddenJuanita PaddenJuanita Padden
Sandy Lehman Kerri Myles Kerri Myles
Kerri Myles Bryl Newman

Help Closing Down Boutique 4:00 until done. -Dona Bagen


Calling all Color Crayon Challengers. Bring those finished Crayon Quilts to the May meeting and lets see how everyone did. Make sure to save your crayons so we can see how well you matched. Can’t wait to see the rainbow of colors. Any questions, call Kerri @ 439-2165.


Bring your Brown Bag Challenges for show and tell at the May meeting. -Diane Haun


If you have ever wanted or needed something, or want to get rid of something, or lost or found something, you can just put it here in the newsletter. It can even be a great way to ask everyone if they have any of that lovely fabric that you didn’t buy enough of:


WANTED: Lots of quilters to take a few of the many kitty pillows cases that JoAnne Moore has made (which she will have available at the Guild meeting) free for you to take and fill them with batting and fabric scraps, sew them shut and then take them to the Humane Society.

WANTED: Quilters to learn to use a long arm quilter free by finishing a Quilt For Comfort on Martha Vogt’s long arm quilter. It will normally take 2-3 hours to quilt a lap quilt. You will be instructed on how to set up the quilt and use the machine, as well as supervision during the entire process. Call 495-9270 to set up your time. The machine is also available for personal rental. -Martha Vogt

WANTED: Sandy Barker @ 442-5777 is looking for someone to hand quilt a couple of vintage quilt tops if anyone is interested or knows someone who would be interested.

WANTED: Andrea Atwood is looking for empty tall thin spools about 3" tall and ½" wide at the top spools (sulky or any brand) to fill with thread and store in the Sulky travel spool holder. I would also like to recycle cutting mats, they can be old, beat up, and even slightly warped. Please bring them to the guild meeting or call me for pick up.


FOUND: in the guild closet at the church orange and gray Fiskars rotary cutter.

FOUND: a blue and black rotary cutter with manufacturer's trademark worn off.

FOUND: a tan and brown floral fabric bag which was in the "Bag Lady Exchange." The bag is labeled "Two and Seven Eighths." It will be available to be picked up at the Guild meeting.

FOUND: HQG cloth labels to be used on your Quilts for Comfort, available at the Guild meeting.

April 11, 2013 MEETING MINUTES Call to Order, Introduction of Guests: The April 2013 meeting was called to order by Char Maharg, President, at 7:05 pm. Diane Ducello was introduced and welcomed as a guest and an inspirational quilting teacher.

Approval of March 14, 2013 minutes – Linda Peterson motioned that the March minutes be approved; Bea Vogel seconded, unanimously approved.

Continuing Business

*Newsletter – Although Andrea was not at the meeting, it was reiterated that she would want to mention that any news, tips, jokes, etc. would be welcome. Just send to Andrea on or before the 4th Monday of the month to be included in the next month’s Newsletter.

*Quilts for Comfort – Jill Larsen said that if batting is needed for a Quilt for Comfort, go ahead and buy the batting and bring the receipt to be reimbursed for the cost.

Just a heads up…many machine quilters prefer a specific kind of batting so be sure and check with the period who is quilting the QFC for you.

*Scrappy Saturday – Is done for the year

*Various Mystery quilts and challenges – Postponed until the May meeting/potluck.

*Quilt Show – Sign-up sheets were passed around for volunteers for Potluck for the vendors and for Admission, Security, Raffle Ticket Sales. (Still need volunteers!!!!!)

***Pins – Susan Douglas brought this year’s pins to the meeting; they will be sold at the Boutique and at the Admissions table during the Show and at our May meeting

***Award Categories - Janet Cerovski reported that there would be 8 awards given : People’s Choice, Vendor Choice and Top 5 Guild Choices and Potpourri (non-traditional quilts, bags, jackets, etc.)

*2013 May Party - Ian & Bonnie Steel - May Party will be May 9, 2013 in the Fellowship Hall (downstairs in the Life Covenant Church). Ian needs help with setup at 5:00 p.m. with dinner being served at 6:00 p.m. We will also need help with clean up. Depending on your last name, please bring the following: (If you really love a dish and your last name initial doesn’t fall within the range for the dish you want to bring – bring it anyway and call it good!)

    A-G Salads;    H-N hot dish and    O-Z desserts.

The motion was made by Linda Peterson and seconded by Irene Kominos that Patty Hoksbergen be in charge of the games at the May Party.

*National Teacher – Our 2013 National Teacher will be Lynda Hall “Primitive Pieces by Lynda. We will be able to choose a pattern we want to work on before the class so that we will be prepared for the class. Lynda will adapt within her type of venue to our interest. Sounds like a great way to expand our horizons. Additional details will be forthcoming.

There has been a showing of interest in trying to get Bonnie Hunter to come to Helena but she is really booked in advance. Loreen Smith has volunteered to look in to this for us. There may be a need adapt to Bonnie’s schedule and to put down a deposit to hold our reservation. We would need to vote on any expenditure and deviation from our normal “every-other-year” timing for National Teacher if that is what is necessary to contract with Bonnie. Irene Kominos motioned to ask Loreen to investigate the possibilities, costs, logistics, etc. for presentation to the Guild membership. Linda Peterson seconded; unanimously carried.

50/50 – and the winner of $10.00 was Dean Hall!!! ($20.10 was collected)

After Show and Tell, the April 11 meeting was adjourned shortly before 8:00 pm.

- Respectfully Submitted by Char Maharg

AAQI Guild Challenge

The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) is the brain child of quilter Ami Simms. Ami’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and AAQI was her response to the sorrow and frustration to the disease. Since 2006 AAQI has raised over $883,000 for research, from more than 13,000 donated quilts. I would like to challenge all guild members to make a quilt to send to AAQI to help them meet their $1,000,000 goal. This will be the last year for their fund-raising.

I would like to display the quilts at the quilt show, possibly generating additional cash donations thru voting for your favorite AAQI donation quilt. You can find out more about AAQI at their website:

I will act as the guild’s contact (a.k.a. Goddess) with AAQI. Each donator will need to fill out a form for their donation available here:

Go to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt form.

Return the form to your Temporary Quilt Registration Goddess along with your quilt. THANK YOU! -Diane Haun



If you have more sewing hints and tips share, please send an email to so I can put them in the newsletter. -Andrea Atwood


Our 2013 National Teacher will be Lynda Hall “Primitive Pieces by Lynda". We will be able to choose a pattern we want to work on before the class so that we will be prepared for the class. Lynda will adapt within her type of venue to our interest. Additional details will be forthcoming.


Bonnie Hunter, Scrapaholic quilter extra ordinaire, has agreed to come to Helena as our 2016 National Teacher. The only remaining week on her schedule in 2016 (we have National Teachers on even numbered years) was the third week of July. She will do a trunk show/lecture on Friday night (July 22nd) and classes on Saturday and Sunday (July 23rd and 24th).

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to schedule Bonnie. She has been maintaining a extremely busy travel schedule (including international workshops and cruises) and she is already heavily booked for 2017.

Bonnie said she is excited about coming to Montana. We will be the first group she has visited in the state!

We'll be talking about National Teacher 2016 at the May meeting/potluck. For more information about Bonnie Hunter, including her blog, tips, free patterns and mystery quilts, please check out her website at -Loreen Smith


Free quilt stencils: Thank you for the info, Corina Zook!

Quilting ideas and free patterns:

Quilting ideas and instructions:

Free motion quilting ideas and how to videos:

If want to share any great websites for the newsletter: email


Last month I had a quilter’s challenge: Who can find the sentence that was written twice in the newsletter. The sentence written twice in the Newsletter was: “A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.”

There were seven people who found it and replied. Cheryl York was the first one to reply and will get the quilty gift at the May Potluck. Congratulations Cheryl!!


A yard a day keeps the blues away.
A fat quarter is not a body part
A quilt is something you make to keep someone you love...Warm!
A Stitch in Time saves Nine
A messy house is the sign of a happy quilter
A fat quarter has fewer calories than a hot fudge sundae!
A good friend is like a warm quilt wrapped around the heart.

Thanks go to out to Carina Zook for these GREAT quilty sayings, and there is more to come!

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