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The Newsletter of the Helena Quilters Guild

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Next meeting: March 14, 2013

Helena Quilters Guild meetings and events, unless otherwise stated, are held at the Life Covenant Church at 800 North Hoback. Entry is through the front door of the church. Guild meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the upstairs Sunday school area.

Seamers and Dreamers is an open cluster that meets upstairs at the Life Covenant Church on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 10:30 to 4:00. Everyone is invited to attend. Work on your own projects, be they hand or machine projects or use Guild material to work on “Quilts for Comfort”.

Hospitality: *March treats** (includes set up & clean up)* *March greeters:*
  • Tamara Rosenleaf
  • Marie Haywood
  • Kathy Gessaman
  • Cindy Steinmetz
*April treats: (includes set up & clean up)* *April Greeters:*
  • Renee Simkins
  • Diana Simkins
  • Renee Simkins
  • Diana Simkins

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The newsletter is a GREAT way to share, communicate, request help, exchange ideas and enhance your guild! I would love to see more members use this great resource to help inform members of dates and events, classes and quilt shows, to teach each other and to keep us all informed of what is happening in your lives. Please help me make this newsletter enjoyable and the absolute best it can be, by submitting articles, stories, tips or anything helpful or interesting to our members. It is your newsletter. Let’s make it more than just a few reports.

Please do not be intimidated by the printed page. Just call me and tell me the information and I would be glad to write the article for you.

Please check out our new classified section of the newsletter and please feel free to put in your info! If you email me, please put HQG (Helena Quilt Guild) in the subject area, because for safety sake, I do not open just any emails. Please send e-mails to: OR mail info to 4230 Wolverine, Helena, MT 59602 Or call me at 443-4907 -Andrea Atwood


We will be meeting on Saturday March 9th from 10 to 3 at the Life Covenant Church Room 204. As always this is open sew time. You can bring whatever you want to work on and come and stay for whatever works for your schedule. I will be working on string piecing on adding machine tape. I do collect $2 donation for the church for use of the room. If you have any questions, contact Kerri at or call 439-2165. See you the 9th. Scrappy Sat is cancelled in April because of Retreat and we are not meeting in May. - Kerri Myles


We had a great meeting in February. Lots of interaction and.....we have a proposed slate of officers for 2013-2014. We will be voting on these officers at our next meeting: As you note, we did not discuss the two parties. In the past Ian and Bonnie have hosted the May Party. I haven't been above to contact them so we will need to discuss both parties at the next meeting.

Thank you for volunteering everyone!!!!!!!

I am working on the Registration Form. I need to have the form approved by committee members and will do that before the March meeting so that the form will be available then. Take care and see you all at the March meeting. -Char Maharg


Mark your calendars for the Mini Retreats held at Studio A on Friday, Saturday and Sunday: MARCH 15, 16, 17th.

APRIL 5, 6, 7 - lets you get your fabrics cut out for the Great Falls retreat!

Studio A is located in the basement of “Atwood Accounting Services” on 110 E. Lyndale (two doors west of the Sewing Palace and one block east of The Donut Hole). The cost is just $5.00 per person per day, and it is opened from 9:00 to 10:00 Thursday, Friday and Saturday and from 9:00 to 5:00 on Sunday. Please call Andrea at 442-1947 (studio) or 443-4907 (home), or email her at to reserve your spot at the retreat as the Studio only seats eight. Studio A is also available to rent for the same fee for your own event or gathering of sewing friends any day of the week.


If you have ever wanted or needed something, or want to get rid of something, or lost or found something, you can just put it here in the newsletter. It can even be a great way to ask everyone if they have any of that lovely fabric that you didn’t buy enough of:


WANTED: Lots of quilters to take a few of the many kitty pillows cases that JoAnne Moore has made (which she will have available at the Guild meeting) free for you to take and fill them with batting and fabric scraps, sew them shut and then take them to the Humane Society.
WANTED: Quilters to learn to use a long arm quilter free by finishing a Quilt For Comfort on Martha Vogt’s long arm quilter. It will normally take 2-3 hours to quilt a lap quilt. You will be instructed on how to set up the quilt and use the machine, as well as supervision during the entire process. Call 495-9270 to set up your time. The machine is also available for personal rental. -Martha Vogt
WANTED: Sandy Barker @ 442-5777 is looking for someone to hand quilt a couple of vintage quilt tops if anyone is interested or knows someone who would be interested.
WANTED: Andrea Atwood is looking for empty tall thin spools about 3" tall and 1/2" wide at the top spools (sulky or any brand) to fill with thread and store in the Sulky travel spool holder. I would also like to recycle cutting mats, they can be old, beat up, and even slightly warped. Please bring them to the guild meeting or call me for pick up.


FOUND: in the guild closet at the church orange and gray Fiskars rotary cutter.
FOUND: a blue and black rotary cutter with manufacturer's trademark worn off.
FOUND: a tan and brown floral fabric bag which was in the "Bag Lady Exchange." The bag is labeled "Two and Seven Eighths." It will be available to be picked up at the Guild meeting.
FOUND: HQG cloth labels to be used on your Quilts for Comfort, available at the Guild meeting.


There are Crayons still left if you would like to join the fun. I will bring the box of crayons to the November meeting. If you would like to participate, you will pick two crayons (no peeking) and the challenge is to make a quilt using colors that match the two crayons. You can add one random color and either black or white (cream) to your quilt. There is no size restriction. We will have a show of these quilts at the May Potluck Meeting. Make sure to save your crayons so we can see how well you matched. Any questions, call Kerri @ 439-2165 or email at

HELENA 2013 QUILT SHOW MAY 18TH & 19TH 2013.

I hope we have nicer weather for the February meeting than we had in January. If not I will call for a separate quilt show meeting. The raffle quilt is finished and just waiting for a label. Diana and Rene’ Simkins have graciously agreed to be our featured quilters.

I still have a few chair positions left to fill. Please volunteer or grab a friend and volunteer to co-chair one of the committees. We will be meeting at 6:00 (or as soon as someone with a key shows up to unlock the door) at the church before the regular meeting. If available we'll meet in one of the class rooms across the hall from our regular guild meeting room. Hope to see everyone there!

The committees that still need chairs are:
Currently the following positions have been filled by these wonderful, awesome and kind volunteers:
Thanks, -Diane Haun


A brand-new member to the Guild comes early to a meeting and helps set up. The very few "set-up" people learn her name; value her energy. The new member, during the meeting, happily volunteers publicly to do a task that should be done to make the next Guild meeting a success. The new Guild member sets a wonderful example and helps that committee excel in their deed and makes the meeting an example of an outstanding group accomplishment. More Guild members experience appreciation for the new member’s abilities and they, too, learn her name. The new Guild member circulates at the meetings and introduces herself and talks to everyone she meets. The same new member stays late at the meeting and helps other members put our church meeting room to rights for the church.

All the Guild Board members know her name and highly regard her. The new Guild member offers to teach a Saturday class in her new found quilting specialty that seems to be a unique niche that easily has become her expertise. Many Guild members take the Saturday class and realize they too can become easily involved in teaching and sharing and learning because the new Guild member has shown them how by "just doing it."

The new Guild member sees an opportunity to vastly improve on a difficult unwieldy procedure that has been an albatross for the Guild. All the Guild members are so grateful for her easy solution and everyone is the Guild thanks the new Guild member for her great innovative spark. Then one fine day, a revelation is discovered. What happened to that new Guild member? She’s evolved into an "exclusive" group - The Invisible Guild Clique - happily, another NEW member has disappeared. -jp


I thought I would go over how the Boutique works at the Quilt Show since we have a lot of new members who may not know about it. It is basically a store set up at the Quilt Show for Guild members to sell their quilt related items. You must be a Guild Member to sell your items at the Boutique. You also must be a Guild Member to sell your quilts at the Show. If you sell a quilt at the Show, it is dealt with through the Boutique.

The fee for selling through the Boutique is 10% of the gross sales price. If you would like to sell anything through the Boutique you will need to sign up for an account prior to the Quilt Show. Items for sale are dropped off on Friday during Show set up. You can sell any items as long as they are quilt related. Quilt related items may also be donated to the Guild to be sold to raise funds for the Guild. Example: Some members donate their old Quilt magazines. So start sorting through your quilt stuff and think about turning it into cash to go buy more quilt stuff. Isn’t that how it works? If you have any questions or to sign up for a Boutique account contacts are Kerri Myles ( or 439-2165) and Bryl Newman( as we are the Boutique Co-Chairs. -Kerri Myles


A great deal of thanks go out to Juanita Padden, who entertained us all with her historical knowledge and power point presentation for our February Program. She would like to add the following information:

The Centennial Quilt Show in conjunction with the Helena Historical Society was a judged show. After the grand opening in the Historical Society, the Centennial Quilt Show quilts went on a Montana tour and there was also a Centennial raffle quilt made up of the "Montana block" - the quilt resembled the pin. Since I wasn't really involved with the Centennial Show, I am not sure where this show was displayed. Miles City and Billings were some of the cities, I believe.

But, I do know definitely (because my dear friend, Marge Williams, had her Bear Paw variation quilt selected for the Centennial Quilt Show) that the Great Falls Paris Gibson Center was the last venue on the tour. It was a bitter cold winter and the Paris Gibson Center's pipes froze during possibly late on Friday evening and the Centennial Quilt Show quilts were subjected to a dirty water flood for the entire weekend.

So, of course, the worst nightmare happened to the Centennial Quilt Show entries. The quilts were sent to I believe, to Denver, to be professionally cleaned. It took quite a long time for Marge's Bear Paw quilt to be cleaned and and returned to her; the expense and frustration for the Paris Gibson Center and the hit on their insurance is a tragedy that all us quilters fear. When Marge's pristine quilt, created just for the Centennial Quilt Show, was returned to her - it did have some evidently un-removable stains, but they were light stains. -Juanita Padden

various quilts


The minutes were unavailable at the time of this printing, please pick up your copy of the minutes at the meeting. For email members, I will forward them as soon they become available.


The March program will be about quilting tips and tricks. Andrea Atwood and Nancy Gillespie will be taking your sewing room into “The 24th Century” with an entertaining and lively program with a myriad of helpful tips demonstrated with props and mime for your entertainment. Bring your pen and paper to write down your favorite tips. They guarantee that there will be something for everyone, and it will it will be a hoot! -Loreen Smith


The Scraps and Threads Quilt Guild of Eureka, Montana holds its annual Quilt Show at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds in Eureka. In addition to a fabulous array of quilts, demonstrations on quilting techniques will be held throughout the weekend. There will be a tearoom serving coffee, tea and cookies.

The Quilt Show will be held during the Rendezvous Days Celebration. Tickets are available for our raffle quilt for $1 each or 6 for $5 and can be ordered through the website. There is space available for parking your camper or RV for a small fee. At this time, the hours of the quilt show will be from Saturday: 9:00am - 5:00pm Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm. For additional information, you can visit our website at or write us at Scraps & Threads Quilt Guild, PO Box 1404, Eureka, MT 59917. Phone: 406-889-3355


Kathleen Ely is attending the Billings Quilt Show on March 6 - 9th, and would like to invite two others to join her on the trip. She has accommodations to stay at her mother’s home as well. The Billings Quilt show will have many classes with National Teachers such as Jan Krantz. She plans to leave Wednesday and return on Saturday. If you are interested, please call Kathleen at 449-2115.


The Falls Quilt Guild Show will feature more than 300 quilts, antique quilt display, demonstrations, Hall of Fame display, merchant mail, raffle quilt, door prizes, Country Store, Fat Quarter raffle and Art with a Twist silent auction. $5 admission for all three days. For more information call or email or call 406-952-0807 Dates: 4/26/2013 - 4/28/2013 Hours: Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm

If you have more sewing hints and tips share, please send an email to so I can put them in the newsletter. -Andrea Atwood


For the May 18-19, 2013 HQG “Stars of the Big Sky” Quilt Show
To All HQG Members:
Thank you for offering to donate a quilt to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) by entering your quilt into the HQG 2013 quilt show and then donating it for Alzheimer’s research.

If you are wondering what this is about read on:
Ami Simms is a national quilt teacher whose Mother died with Alzheimer’s disease. Ami formed the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (a501©(3) non-profit organization) to help raise money for research into this disease which afflicts 5.4 million Americans. Since 2006, $883,000 has been raised from over 13,000 donated quilts. This will be the last year Ami will raise money. Too read more about Ami and AAQI go to

Priority Quilts for 2013 HQG Show Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why are they called “Priority Quilts”? Because the quilt will fit into a USPS flat rate Priority Mailing envelope.

Due Date: May 9th, 2013 at the monthly HQG meeting.

Entry Fee: $2/per quilt (yes you can enter more than one quilt) to help with shipping and insurance for shipping. If there is money left over, I will donate it to AAQI.

Registration: You don’t need to complete a HQG show registration form, just the AAQI

Release forms when you submit your quilt by May 9th (the May meeting) to Diane Haun.

Signed Release: Click here for a release form that must be completed and signed for each AAQI Priority Alzheimer’s Quilt.

What happens to the quilts after the Quilt Show? After the show I will register the quilts on the AAQI website and ship them to Ami Simms to be sold. Because they will be together in the show, this needs to be done in one group. AAQI will not notify me when the quilts go up for sale or how much they are sold for.

I need more help! No problem. You can go to the AAQI website at for more information or email Diane at or call her at 227-6215 with your questions.

THANK YOU! -Dianne Haun


How to make a double hour glass easily with a tube:

How to make a Snowball Quilt Using Charm Squares

If you know of any great websites you want to share, please send an email to for the newsletter.


Learn to use a long arm quilter free by finishing a Quilt For Comfort on Martha Vogt’s long arm quilter. It will normally take 2-3 hours to quilt a lap quilt. You will be instructed on how to set up the quilt and use the machine, as well as supervision during the entire process. Call 495-9270 to set up your time. The machine is also available for personal rental. -Martha Vogt



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