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The Newsletter of the Helena Quilters Guild

P.O. Box 429    Helena, Montana 59624

Next meeting: April 11, 2013

Helena Quilters Guild meetings and events, unless otherwise stated, are held at the Life Covenant Church at 800 North Hoback. Entry is through the front door of the church. Guild meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the upstairs Sunday school area.

Seamers and Dreamers is an open cluster that meets upstairs at the Life Covenant Church on the first and third Wednesdays of the month, from 10:30 to 4:00. Everyone is invited to attend. Work on your own projects, be they hand or machine projects or use Guild material to work on “Quilts for Comfort”.

Hospitality: *April treats** (includes set up & clean up)* *April greeters:*
  • Rene' Simkins
  • Diana Simkins
  • Rene' Simkins
  • Diana Simkins


You haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine.......While it is running!

Behind every quilter......is a big pile of fabric.

Creative clutter is more blessed than tidy idleness.

There is a very fine line between hobby and mental illness. – Dave Barry

Old quilters never die, they just go to pieces.

A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.

I hear it takes a long time to finish a quilt you are not working on.

Carpe Quiltum!

A fat quarter is not a part of the body.


Guild members! It is great to see that some of you are starting to use this newsletter to share, communicate, request help, and exchange ideas! Thank you! Now for those of you who are sitting on your “quilts” and just enjoying everyone else’s work, lets get on the ball and be supportive and send me at least one (1) tidbit of information, hint, or joke. You can even tell us what is happening in your corner of the quilt world. I know each of you has information, knowledge and even humor to share. Please help me make this newsletter enjoyable and the absolute best it can be! Do not be intimidated by the printed page, just submit your information and I will tweak it for you. Or call me and tell me the information and I would be glad to write the article for you.

Please help me turn this newsletter into something everyone really looks forward to getting each month. If you can’t get the information to me by 4th Monday of the month, it can be put into the next month’s newsletter. If you email me, please put HQG (Helena Quilt Guild) in the subject area, because for safety sake, I do not open just any emails. Please send e-mails to: andrea@atwoodarts.com OR mail info to 4230 Wolverine, Helena, MT 59602 Or call me at 443-4907 -Andrea Atwood


The Last Scrappy Saturday was in March. Thanks to everyone attending and thank you so much Kerri! You have enhanced our sewing abilities and our guild. We really appreciate your time and effort in creating a wonderful class. Kerri plans to resume the classes next season 2013-2014.

Earl cartoon


Happy Easter Everyone. Hope all those Easter table runners made it to the table this year.

As I put together the agenda for the next meeting, I am hoping those who are unable to go to the Annual Guild Retreat in Great Falls, will join us for the April meeting. We are going to talk about the National Teacher for 2014. We want to collaborate to get some ideas. (That will be our program for this month, I believe.) As well, we need to pass around the sign-up sheets for help at the Quilt Show. We still need volunteers. If you cannot make the meeting, please contact Diane Haun at 406-461-0119 to let her know when you are available to help.

I did talk with Bonnie and Ian about the May party. Soon we will hear about their plans.

The program in March was wonderful. Andrea Atwood and Nancy Gillespie spent a lot of time putting the Quilting Tips and Pointers together. I was videoing the program but laughed so hard, there's not much hope that the video will be a true reflection of how good the program really was. We all picked up some good tips too. I kept hearing ohs and ahhs indicating thoughts of how the ideas could be put to use. It was just plain fun and useful. Good job Andrea and Nancy!!

Hope to see many of you at the Retreat in Great Falls and the rest of our members at the April meeting. -Char Maharg

HELENA 2013 QUILT SHOW MAY 18TH & 19TH 2013.

Many of you mentioned to me in passing that you would help with the show. Your help is so appreciated! We still need volunteers to work the show . . . admissions, security and the boutique. Sign-up sheets will be available at the retreat and the next 2 meetings. Also remember we will be needing help during setup and take down of the show so be thinking about that as well. More information on times at the May meeting and in the May newsletter.

Let’s get the word out about the show! Raffle tickets, posters and bookmarks are available at Creative Stitches. Please pick up posters and drop them at businesses around town for display. If you would like to take the raffle quilt to your place of business to display and sell tickets please contact Cheryl York at Creative Stitches, 443-7540.

We would like to offer a fat quarter collection as one of the raffle prizes. Please bring a fat quarter or two to either of the next 2 meetings. Thanks!

If you have a fun quilt technique you’d like to share please contact Donna Bateman at 231-1767 to sign up for a demo time during the show.

Quilt registration forms are available on our website on the registration page or a printed copy is available at Creative Stitches. They are due May 8, 2013.

Sandi Lehman will be sending around a sign - up sheet for the show potluck. Be thinking of one of your best recipes to bring for the Friday night potluck, May 17.

The AAQI display will be a fun addition to our show. Please remember to bring your AAQI entry(s) to the May meeting. Yes, you can submit more than one. They’re so small and make up quickly, why not! Instructions and entry forms were given in the March newsletter. The newsletter is now on our website from the home page or Diane will have printed copies available at the May meeting. Thanks, -Diane Haun

cat on a quilt


Due to the use of different browsers and printers, some folks may have a problem printing the claim form for quilt registration on one page. Here are come instructions to help with that. If this doesn't fix the problem, call me 458-6165 and we will get it fixed. It will print on one page, trust me. Cheryl Bryant, web mistress

For Internet Explorers users: Bring up the claim form. Go to file--print preview--page setup (4th icon from left, a little cog wheel). On page setup make sure the page size is letter. The orientation is portrait. Make sure all headers and footers say empty and margins are .5 for all sides. Click okey and see how the page looks. If the page is still splitting, go to the box on the far right side top and look at the percents listed. A shrink to fit may work or reduce the size from 100% until the entire page is on one page. You can print from the print preview page or close it and print from the web page. Make sure your printer is selected for printing. Sometimes several printers are listed.

For Mozilla FireFox users: Bring up the claim form. Go to file--print preview--page setup. On page setup, click format and options. Make sure the orientation is portrait. Click on margins/headers-footers. Make sure all headers and footers say empty and margins are .5 for all sides. Click okey and see how the page looks. If the page is still splitting, go to the scale and look at the percents listed. A shrink to fit may work or reduce the size from 100% until the entire page is on one page. You can print from the print preview page or close it and print from the web page. Make sure your printer is selected for printing. Sometimes several printers are listed.


If you would like to sell your quilt related items at the Quilt Show, you need to sign up for an account. Please contact Kerri Myles at 227-0644 or KMyles3434@aol.com to get one. Start cleaning out those quilt room drawers and make some money to buy some more quilt stuff. -Kerri Myles


Free quilt patterns: http://www.freepatterns.com/list.html?cat_id=4

Free scrappy quilt patterns: http://www.bhg.com/crafts/sewing/quilt-patterns-for-scrappy-quilt-projects/?sssdmh=dm17.647997&esrc=nwcu012213#page=1

Free quilt stencils: http://www.patchpieces.com/2001quiltingbom.html

If you know of any great websites, please send an email to Andrea@AtwoodArts.com for the newsletter.


A Lifetime's not too long to live as friends and a quilt is not too small to sew them in!

A quilt is something you make to keep someone you love ... WARM!

A Quilt Will Warm Your Body and Comfort Your Soul

A creative mess is better than tidy idleness.

A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels A family stitched together with love, seldom unravels.

Thanks go to out to Carina Zook for these GREAT quilty sayings, and there is more to come!


Meeting was called to order at 7: 00 by guild president Char Maharg. Char shared notes to the guild. Teresa Ledwig’s husband passed away; sympathy card was passed around.

February Minutes Recap: Joanne Moore moved to approve, Patty Hoksbergen seconded the motion to approve the minutes.

February Treasurer report given. Motion to approved by Jill Larson, Diana Simkins seconded.

Andrea wants articles the last Monday of the month for the newsletter.

Seamers and Dreamers meet all year long - even through the summer. Lots of fabric donated; batting available too. Help yourselves to make a Quilts for Comfort.

Last Scrappy Saturday was in March; will resume next season 2013-2014.

Book Beat - librarian will clean out old books, sell them at the Guilt Show Boutique. Offer your suggestions for new books.

Mystery Quilt’s exchange challenge’s last installment passed out to members.

Crayon Challenge is to be brought to the May Pot Luck meeting.

March Minutes: Diane Haun showed the donated baby quilt - all hand sewn. Diane passed out sign-up sheets for the Quilt Show.

Keri explained our Guild Boutique and passed out a sign-up sheet as well.

Sandy explained we invite vendors to join members at our Quilt Show Potluck She passed around the sign-up sheet. Registration form for the show is on the website on the registration page. Char will put registrations in stores, bring forms to the April Retreat, and offer the forms at our April meeting. Posters are available at Creative Stitches. Small posters and book markers will be available at meeting. Quilt Show Pins have been ordered.

Nineteen (19) signed up for the retreat; only a few more spaces left. Rose needs to know who will be attending & on which days so that the cutting boards and other supplies will be there and enough of them. There will be chair massages on Thursday and Friday at the cost of $1.00 a minute; Char passed around a sign up sheet.

At the end of February meeting the slate was created. After the meeting Char contacted Ian and Bonnie who have agreed to do the May potluck, Jayette Robb will do the Christmas party. The nominated secretary has declined the position for next year; Char opened the floor for nomination for a secretary. There were no nominations, but Diane Haun volunteered to hold the position. Char read the slate of officers as nominated, Diana Simkins made a motion to approve the slate, Nancy Alley seconded the motion.

Andrea Atwood and Nancy Gillespie entertained and informed us on everyday tips to bring your sewing to the 21st century--Star Trek style. Everyone chuckled a bit learned some new sewing tips. Remember to read your newsletter henceforth; there will be Tips in every issue. Thanks to whoever took the minutes for Nancy while we got ready for the program! - Respectfully Submitted by Nancy Gillespie


Your Color Crayon Challenge Projects are due at the May meeting. Make sure to save your crayons so we can see how well you matched. Any questions, call Kerri @ 439-2165 or email her at KMyles3434@aol.com


If you have ever wanted or needed something, or want to get rid of something, or lost or found something, you can just put it here in the newsletter. It can even be a great way to ask everyone if they have any of that lovely fabric that you didn’t buy enough of:


WANTED: Lots of quilters to take a few of the many kitty pillows cases that JoAnne Moore has made (which she will have available at the Guild meeting) free for you to take and fill them with batting and fabric scraps, sew them shut and then take them to the Humane Society.

WANTED: Quilters to learn to use a long arm quilter free by finishing a Quilt For Comfort on Martha Vogt’s long arm quilter. It will normally take 2-3 hours to quilt a lap quilt. You will be instructed on how to set up the quilt and use the machine, as well as supervision during the entire process. Call 495-9270 to set up your time. The machine is also available for personal rental. -Martha Vogt

WANTED: Sandy Barker @ 442-5777 is looking for someone to hand quilt a couple of vintage quilt tops if anyone is interested or knows someone who would be interested.

WANTED: Andrea Atwood is looking for empty tall thin spools about 3" tall and ½" wide at the top spools (sulky or any brand) to fill with thread and store in the Sulky travel spool holder. I would also like to recycle cutting mats, they can be old, beat up, and even slightly warped. Please bring them to the guild meeting or call me for pick up.

FOUND: in the guild closet at the church orange and gray Fiskars rotary cutter.

FOUND: a blue and black rotary cutter with manufacturer's trademark worn off.

FOUND: a tan and brown floral fabric bag which was in the "Bag Lady Exchange." The bag is labeled "Two and Seven Eighths." It will be available to be picked up at the Guild meeting.

FOUND: HQG cloth labels to be used on your Quilts for Comfort, available at the Guild meeting.


(Most of you commented that you didn't know that these hints and tips have been in the newsletter when Nancy and Andrea mentioned it in the March Hints and Tips Program, so I thought I should make it larger, so you don't miss it, HA, HA!!)
If you have more sewing hints and tips share, please send an email to Andrea@AtwoodArts.com so I can put them in the newsletter. -Andrea Atwood


Here is a test to see who really reads the newsletter. This newsletter contains two sentences that are exactly the same. If you can find the sentences, email the sentence back to me at my email address: andrea@atwoodarts.com. The first one to write back gets a prize! Prize will be given at the May Pot Luck. Ok, go find it! I dare you! -Andrea


‘Tradition With A Twist’ - Entry Rules

The Falls Quilt Guild Show will feature more than 300 quilts, antique quilt display, demonstrations, Hall of Fame display, merchant mail, raffle quilt, door prizes, Country Store, Fat Quarter raffle and Art with a Twist silent auction. $5 admission for all three days. For more info: susi22611@yahoo.com or call 406-952-0807

Dates: 4/26/13 - 4/28/13
9:00am - 6:00pm
9:00am - 6:00pm
10:00am - 4:00pm

Thththththat is all folks!

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