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Guild Handbook

All Officers Shall:

1. Begin their term June 1st and conclude their term May 31st of the following year. All books, records and other items shall be in order, passed on and explained to the successor prior to June 1st.

2. Be responsible for specific office duties as outlined in the handbook.

3. Serve on the Executive Board and attend all business meetings of the Guild if at all possible.


1. The President will preside over monthly Guild meetings and business meetings. Set place, date, and time. This needs to be done with enough advance time to give newsletter people time to prepare and send out the newsletter.

2. The President will prepare the agenda.

3. The President will have the previous Treasurer and President's names removed from the bank accounts and the two new officers' names added. The President and Treasurer will be the only officers authorized to sign Guild checks.

4. The President will select a nominating committee by the February meeting the will announce a slate of candidates for the following year to be voted on at the April meeting.

5. The President will appoint individuals or committees to assist the Guild in any areas necessary.

6. The President will field telephone calls pertaining to the Guild with regard to information about the Guild: member suggestions and concerns; questions about quilting; request for school presentations, etc.


1. The Vice-President will preside over meetings and assume the duties of the President in her absence.

2. The Vice-President will obtain a meeting place adequate to accommodate the membership and guests.

3. The Vice-President will act as parliamentarian.

4. The Vice-President will work with the President to make sure notices to the news media are prepared in a timely fashion pertaining to meeting dates, special events, etc. Responsible for posting an announcement in the IR Bulletin Board about Guild meetings. This appears the Sunday prior to the meeting. The Vice-President is responsible to organize the Guild to present the out-going President with the members' gift of "presidential quilt blocks."


1. The Secretary will record all proceedings of the Guild meetings and keep those records in an orderly manner to be passed on to the next Secretary.

2. The Secretary will submit meeting minutes to the Newsletter Chairman for inclusion in the newsletter. If not published in the newsletter, have copies available at the next monthly meeting.


1. The Treasurer will have the previous Treasurer and President's names removed from the bank accounts and the new officers' names added. The President and Treasurer will be the only officers authorized to sign Guild checks. Bank statements will be addressed to the Guild Post Office Box.

2. The Treasurer will be custodian of all Guild funds and keep a detailed account of all monies received and disbursed.

3. The Treasurer will prepare an annual budget to be presented for approval at the September Business meeting.

4. The Treasurer will balance the checkbooks on a monthly basis.

5. The Treasurer will make sure the Guild has a sufficient supply of checks to carry you through your term of office. If the supply gets low, it is the Treasurer's responsibility to order and ensure that the new person taking over the Treasurer's office will have a sufficient amount.

6. The Treasurer will prepare and submit a Treasurer's report to the Newsletter Chairman for inclusion in the newsletter. If not included in the newsletter, have copies available at the next monthly meeting, September through May.

7. The Treasurer will maintain a current roster of the Guild membership.

8. The Treasurer will deposit all money received with ten (10) days of receipt.

9. The Treasurer will have the authority to pay bills $50 or less without a quorum vote of the full Guild.

10. The Treasurer will have limited purchase power.
11. The Treasurer will make sure the following payments are done:
12. The Treasurer will keep the key for the Guild's Post Office Box and check weekly.

Program Chairman

1. The Program Chairman will plan monthly programs and other activities as desired by the Guild.

2. The Program Chairman will be responsible for drafting, editing, and distributing the membership and program booklet. This booklet shall be distributed at a fall meeting.

3. The Program Chairman will prepare, distribute, and collect a questionnaire in the spring to facilitate program development for the following year.

Newsletter Chairman

1. Information published in the monthly newsletter will be gathered at the business meetings and/or social meetings of the Guild. Occasionally, a member, shop owner, or the general public will request information to be printed in the newsletter. Only paid members will receive the newsletter.

2. The newsletter will contain the meeting date, time, and location; minutes of previous meetings and the Treasurer's report; the meeting agenda, a brief program description; and a list of persons responsible for refreshments, greeting, and Show and Tell.

3. Other types of information that may be included in the newsletter are patterns, quilt information, quilt items for sale, quit show information and dates.

4. The Newsletter Chairman will investigate the best possible printing options. Stamps and copying costs will be paid by the Guild.

5. The newsletter will be mailed within one week prior to each scheduled business meeting.

6. In place of a newsletter, a postcard may be mailed containing the meeting date, time, and location, and any other pertinent information.


1. The Librarian will keep a log of all books, video types, and stencils belonging to the Guild.

2. The Librarian will make all materials available to Guild members at all meetings.

3. The Librarian will keep a tracking system of the items that have been checked out and see that they are returned.

4. The Librarian will gather a list of quilt book requests from members for annual purchase.


1. The Historian is responsible for taking care of all Guild scrapbooks compiled since 1981.

2. The Historian should take pictures at all Guild events to continually update the scrapbook.

3. It is the responsibility of the Historian to see that all newspaper and national advertising which covers any Guild event is clipped and entered into the scrapbook.

4. The Historian should collect and keep all local news clippings picturing and/or referring to any Guild function or any members involved in a quilt-related activity.

5. A copy of all Guild Quilt Show directories, handouts, pertaining to the show, entry forms, etc. should be kept in the scrapbook. Any other permanent printed data such as Guild business cards, store flyers highlighting out Guild, etc. should also be kept as a permanent record of our activities.

6. The Historian will turn in reimbursement request with receipts to the Treasurer for film processing, and supplies.

Hospitality Chairman

To be done at each regular Monthly Meeting:
Help keep the room stocked with supplies such as plasticware, plates and napkins, coffee, etc. (turn in receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement)

Put reminders in Newsletter the month before so treat people remember what they signed up for.

Help put together welcome packets for New Members, work with the President to see what additional items she would like in them. They should stay in the cabinet with the library books.

Help make everyone feel welcome. Bring in additional chairs if needed as you see the room fill up.

Christmas Party Chairman

1. The Christmas Party Chairman is responsible for the purchasing of $50 worth of decorations (preferably centerpieces to be raffled off at the end of the party.) Responsible for the decision of which four stores (preferably quilt-related shops) where the $25 gift certificates will be purchased and to purchase said gift certificates.

2. With the help of the Christmas Party Committee, the Christmas Party Chairman will ensure the kitchen and dining area of the Church is available, if not, the regular meeting area is to be set up with serving tables and dining tables and chairs. There is to be a set-up committee and take-down committee.

3. Send the information about the Christmas Party to the Newsletter Chairman to ensure that it will be published in the December newsletter. Inform members of the earlier hour of the potluck; give assignments for the food of the potluck by the beginning alphabet of last names: such as, A-M main dishes, M-R desserts, etc. Instruct members via newsletter set-up time and beginning serving time. Inform members to bring money to buy raffle tickets, white elephants (wrapped or not) to donate to the raffle items, their potluck dish, and if they are able a Christmas Quilt for Show & Tell and any other details you have devised for a successful Christmas Party.

Spring Party Chairman

1. The Spring Party Chairman will coordinate with her committee on all the decisions regarding the last meeting of the year which is our Spring Party Potluck.

2. There is to be a set-up committee and take-down committee. Spring Party Chairman is responsible for reporting to the Newsletter Chairman in a timely manner the details of the Spring Party; such as earlier time; which members bring what type of potluck according to their last name's initial; to remind members to bring their finished Quilts for Comfort for the "quilts-donated show." Spring Party Chairman is to confer with the Board to see if there is any extra money for table centerpieces which are raffled at the end of the evening, since there is no selling of raffle tickets at this event, the Chairman is to decide how to equitably award these centerpieces.

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