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The Helena Quilters' Guild Constitution and Bylaws

Article I


The name of this organization shall be Helena Quilters' Guild.

Article II


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote good fellowship among persons interested in the art of quilting; to preserve the tradition, culture, and history of quilting; and to promote the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of quilting, enjoying and appreciating others' work.

Article III


Any person who is interested in furthering the purpose of this organization may become a member upon payment of dues as required by the by-laws.

Article IV


The Constitution may be amended by the Guild membership at a Guild meeting, by majority vote of the members present; provided that a quorum is present and members have been notified in advance of the proposed changes.

ByLaws - The rules that govern the organization

Article I. Membership

a. Membership dues shall be set by the Executive Board with membership approval. The dues will be payable to the Guild Treasurer at the first meeting of the year.

b. Only paid members will receive a copy of the Guild roster, program guide, and newsletter. Only Guild members are eligible for library privileges and Guild-sponsored activities.

c. Non-members may attend Guild-sponsored functions as space permits and at their own expense.

Article II. Meetings

a. Meetings the Guild shall be governed by Roberts Rules or Order, newly revised.

b. The Guild shall hold at least six (6) regular meetings a year and these meeting should provide time for business and/or a program.

c. Starting in 2019, the Guild year will begin in March and end in December.

d. The Guild will meet on the second Thursday of the month.

Article III. Meetings

Thirty percent (30%) of the membership, having paid dues as of the date of the meeting, shall constitute a quorum of the Guild. Voting may be by voice or a written ballot may be requested.

IV. Officers

a. Officers of the Guild shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Chairperson, Librarian, Newsletter Chairperson, and Hospitality Chairperson.

b. All officers shall serve on the Executive Board. Executive Board meetings shall be open to any member of the Guild.

1. The President of the Guild shall:
2. The Vice-President of the Guild shall, but not be limited to: assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President and serve as the Parliamentarian.

3. The Secretary of the Guild shall, but not be limited to: record minute of business meetings and present minutes to the membership on or before the next Meeting.

4. Treasurer of the Guild shall, but not be limited to: be the custodian of all Guild funds, track all monies received and disbursed, reconcile accounts, and provide Treasurer reports.

5. Program Chairperson of the Guild shall, but not be limited to: plan monthly programs and other activities.

6. The Newsletter Chairman of the Guild shallNewsletter Chairperson of the Guild shall, but not be limited to: create the monthly newsletter and notice of meeting announcements and sending such by email all Guild members.

7. Librarian of the Guild shall, but not be limited to: maintaining the library of the Guild.

8. Hospitality Chairperson of the Guild shall, but not be limited to: organize the welcome table at guild meetings and maintain an updated membership roster.

V. Nominating Committee and Elections

The president of the Guild at the September meeting will appoint a chairperson and two (2) other members to serve as the Nominating Committee. This committee will submit a slate of nominees to the membership in the October newsletter to voted on at the October meeting. Nomination may be made from the floor, provided the consent of the nominee has been secured. Election will be by majority vote of the members present as long as there is a quorum present.

VI. Amendments

These By-laws may be amended by a majority vote of the members as long as there is a quorum and members have been notified 30 days in advance of the proposed changes.

VII. Compensation and Conflicts of Interest:

a. All members associated with this Guild are volunteers. b. No person will use their membership with the Guild for financial benefit.

Article VIII: Dissolution:

a. When membership has dwindled and loss of interest, the Guild may be dissolved. A written intent to dissolve needs to be provided to all members one month prior to the vote.

b. Upon dissolution, the Guildís funds shall be distributed to local charities as determined by the remaining membership.

c. Guild library materials and other supplies owned by the Guild shall be dispersed as determined by the remaining membership.

Co-Presidents: Diane Haun and Kathy Grant

Vice President: Bobi Harris

Revised September 2018
Revised February 2007
Revised February 2003
Revised February 1999
Revised February 1990
Revised February 1983

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